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Sailboat Racing Clinic Wednesday Nights

Join us on Wednesday nights 6:00 pm beginning May 14 to race Sonar 23 sailboats. This is great for anyone who has completed Basic Keelboat certification and wants to get a taste for racing. Your instructor is an experienced racer who will coach you in the classroom and on the water. Topics to be covered will include: sail trim, starting approaches, boat speed, weather, wind shifts, short courses, rounding marks and more. This is competitive and fun for everyone. Beginners paired with experienced skippers. Usually 4 races per evening on Port Sailing fleet boats (8 boats total).       Six sessions. Pay at door for single session.    

Fee: $210 for full six-sessions or $45 per session



Call 516-767-SAIL




Private Lessons

If you would like the benefit of the accelerated learning that individual attention can provide, private lessons are an excellent option. The lesson can scheduled to best meet your free time. Whatever your focus is -- advanced racing techniques, docking, mooring pickup, anchoring, or a refresher class -- we have experienced instructors to handle your needs. Lessons are also available for powerboats. Three hours (3 ) of instruction.

                  Fee: $300 


                  ($90 per additional person)


Call 516-767-SAIL


Docking Techniques

Docking a boat at a busy dock can be a tense situation and one where you could do damage to your boat. Learn how to handle a single screw vessel like a pro. Start in the classroom, then spend the next three hours on the water practicing every docking situation imaginable with your instructor. We cover line handling, prop walk, standing turns, wind effect, prop wash and more. Call for dates. 

                  Course fee: $275    


Bareboat Chartering  104   Winter class offered in St Croix, USVI                           

Learn to skipper your own bareboat charter. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be qualified to skipper, crew, or charter a boat for an extended cruise. Learn the ropes: provisioning, navigation, cruising boat systems, and planning a trip are among the many topics covered. Basic Cruising is prerequisite. This course is available in the winter in the US and British Virgin Island. Non-sailors welcome too.

Successful completion of course results in American Sailing Association Certification.        For more details on the seven day sailing experience in the Caribbean see here.

                  Fee $1,995                                



Basic Sailing 101  


Classes held every weekend from April 29 to Sept. 23

No previous experience necessary. You will learn to sail a 23-foot sailboat. This is a three-day course which can be completed during your weekends -- Saturday and Sunday, plus the following Saturday from 9:30 to 5:00 pm each day. Three of the weekend classes run from Saturday to Monday instead due to the holidays Labor Day, July 4th and Memorial Day.

Also available are three classes held during the week (see schedule) or pick your own dates for two or more students. For a full list of scheduled classes see here: Class Schedule

The first day instruction begins in the classroom followed by on-the-water instruction for the remainder of the course until the written exam. Half hour break for lunch each day. Course includes two additional practice sails of four hours each. Our years of experience teaching have proven that learned control and time on the water creates a confident sailor. That's why we offer:

Need someone to sail with after the course? Just ask, and will be glad to refer you to other sailors after you complete the course.

Successful completion of the BK 101 course results in ASA certification. If you have difficult you don't fail; we will give you additional help to meet the ASA requirements.            




                  Course fee: $690








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Charter the boats you learn on.

Gift Certificates Available.

Coastal Cruising 103                               

With Basic Sailing skills as prerequisite, students will sail aboard a 36 to 43 foot sailboat with two to three other students aboard. The two-day weekday evening course is spent aboard the boat and underway. This course is also offered in the winter months in the BVI.

         Practice docking, anchoring, sailing, and emergency procedures

         Understand the systems aboard a cruising boat with an auxiliary inboard engine



All weekday classes are held from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Weekend classes are 10 to 4 pm. Maximum of  (3) persons per class.   Class Schedule

Successful completion of the Coastal Cruising course results in American Sailing Association (ASA) Certification.

Bring a snack and drink. Written exam for certification scheduled later at student's convenience. Prerequisite BK101.

                  Course fee: $690                                                                                   


This course is also available in the winter as a seven day live aboard sailing class in the Virgin Islands and can be viewed here.

Note: This course qualifies you to charter our our yachts. If you take the course at another sailing school an seek to charter from us you will have to complete a checkout sail. Fee $150 for one hour. 



Call 516-767-SAIL


Coastal Navigation 105

No prerequisites. No sailing skills required, open to anyone. Course provides you with navigation theory required to operate a boat in coastal waters. This includes: converting courses between true and magnetic, determining drift, taking bearings, working with light lists and more. This is a four-hour course with a take home study.

                  Course fee: $325                                                     


Don't be fooled by sailing schools that don't allow you to sail their boats after completing  the course. 


New Rochelle and Port Washington, NY

We teach you on boats you can charter